Our current beers are available both on-tap in our Brewery and in select locations, AND in our 25 oz. Crowlers to take with you (click on Homepage for updated picture of beers available):

Happy Water Hard Seltzer:

1. A Black Cherry Hard Seltzer, coming in at 5% ABV.

2. A Bombsicle Hard Seltzer flavored with your childhood favorite red, white and blue popsicle, perfect for those hot summer days with an ABV of 5%. 

Knot Bumper Mango Blonde:  A very popular beer year-round.  It is a very easy drinking, approachable ale with the perfect amount of delicious mango to accompany it.  5.25% ABV.

Lost Logger Blonde Ale: This is a light, clean, slightly sweet and very approachable blonde.  It crosses the line with light beers and cream ales with corn additions that make it easy-drinking and fun ale at 5.25% ABV and 15 IBU's.

Crazy Camper Apricot Cream Ale:   Very much like a pale lager this light and refreshing beer is perfect for the summer months. This mild, pale, light-bodied ale has an ABV of 5.2% and 6.3 IBU’s, with added apricot for more flavor. 

Woodgrain EPA:  This beer is balanced with firm malt notes that carry a floral, earthy and slightly fruity hop presence at 5.25% ABV and 35 IBU's.

Buzzed Beekeeper Nut Brown Ale:  A light, comforting nut brown ale with subtle malt and nutty flavors, mild bitterness, and mild honey flavor, coming in at 5% ABV and 23.8 IBU’s.​​

Red Axe Irish Ale- This beer is balanced with firm malt notes that are accompanied by a gentle roast presence at 6% ABV and 28 IBU's.

Pulp Mill Raspberry Vanilla Milkshake IPA:   A New England style Hazy IPA that has milk lactose in it to give this beer a milky, creamy mouthfeel similar to that of a stout. The addition of Raspberries adds a tart and refreshing flavor along with vanilla provides a unique flavor to this juicy IPA. ABV comes in at 6.9% and IBU’s are 5.5.

Morning Haze New England IPA:  Our hazy, juicy & smooth New England IPA made with Citra, Chinook, and Cascade hops.  All of the hops are added either after the boil or during fermentation for lessened bitterness.  ABV comes in at 7.6%.​

Log Roller IPA:  This beer has citrus and pine hops at a 7.5% ABV and 64 IBU's.  This IPA has plenty of floral, citrus and pine notes which is smooth, fairly dry and has easy-drinking maltiness.​

Iron Burner Stout-: Dark in color, body rich and velvety with notes of chocolate and roasted coffee.  We also add milk sugar to complete the stout with minimal bitterness at 6% ABV and 33 IBU's.

Whiskey Chip Stout: This high alcohol beer is brewed with roasted and chocolate barley.  While brewing we added 40% more of our select grains to this stout along with raw sugar to increase the ABV.  This signature brew is finished with hazelnut and a generous portion of Madagascar Bourbon.  At 12% ABV, served in a 10 oz. tulip glass.

Grindstone White Spruce IPA: BACK SUMMER 2022.  Our collaboration with the Osprey Wilds Center.  ​This is a delicious white pine IPA with the lemon grass notes provided by freshly picked spruce tips provided by Osprey Wilds staff.  ABV 6.2% and 51 IBU's.

Birling Brut IPA- BACK ???  This new style IPA incorporates a unique technique that allows this beer to ferment bone dry.  It's highly-carbonated nature and wine-centric hops also lends to its brut champagne qualities.  This light and effervescent beverage is the right choice for any celebration.

Moose Soup Wild Rice IPA:  BACK SOON! ABV: 7.5%, IBU: 74, Brewed with two varieties of hops which give this IPA floral, citrus and pine notes with every taste. In addition to our base IPA grains, we add 120 Pounds of Wild Rice to give the beer a rich but smooth starch and nutty flavor. Two varieties of Caramel Malt were added to give the beer distinct color and flavor. 

Oktoberfest:  BACK LABOR DAY 2022! This festbier pours full amber with an impressively clingy froth. It offers fresh hops and warm, toasty malt in the bouquet. The velvety mouthfeel and medium body give way to a full malty, sweet flavor and reserved, but firm, hop bitterness of 21 IBU’s​

Agate Slayer Sour Series: ​Our next "evil genius" sour combination will be coming sometime mid-2022.  Stay tuned for future news!

Before every brew, and between each process, all our systems, vessels, equipment and process lines are cleaned and sanitized to ensure the perfect beer.

1. Malted Barley is moved to our milling section of the brewery.

2. Here we mill our malted barley to perfection for the ever-important mashing stage.

3. We then infuse our milled malted barley in our Mash Tun with the correct temperature water for all those lovely brewing           enzymes to go to work. This is the critical process where sugars are converted from the starches from the malted barley, we call this process mashing. Regular gravity and pH analysis are done throughout the mashing, boiling and fermentation phases to listen what the wort and beer has to say and do something to make it happy if it’s not.

4. After the mashing, we lauter, this is where we collect all our perfectly crafted wort from the mash tun to the wort receiver.

5. Then off to the boil kettle for a nice boil. This is also the stage where our hop additions are made at certain intervals within the boil.

6. After boiling, we whirlpool to get rid of most of the vegetal matter originating from the hops.

7. We then cool to our fermenters where at this stage we will pitch our yeast under perfect conditions.

8. These perfect conditions are created by our effective craft brewing environment where we rely on our traditional craft brewing practices, our fermentation progresses on its own natural way with no intervention to speed-up any process. After all, we are making craft beer.

9. After waiting long enough, the beer will tell us it’s time to go and rest in our storage vessels.

10. It is only then when the beer has conditioned to perfection when we will filter the beer to our BBT’s or Bright Beer Tanks.

11. After some time in the BBT’s we then keg this perfectly crafted beer in our kegs or,....

12. We serve directly to you in our Lakeside tap room!

Moose Lake

Brewing Company

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Sit back and enjoy our fresh ales, craft-brewed with the world’s finest
barley malt, hops, yeast and water.