Moose Lake Brewing Co. has live music/events coming up on the following dates:​​

Saturday, December 30th-
 Barstool Revelers will be playing from 7-10pm.
Saturday, February 3rd- Chris Holm will be playing from 7-10pm.
Saturday, February 17th
- Ice Fishing Contest on Moosehead Lake

Friday, February 23rd- Lewis, Kaleb & John will be playing from 7-9pm.

What's on tap as of Dec. 2nd, 2017

​​​​​Starting Black Friday, Nov. 24 thru Friday, Dec. 29th, Fridays only we will have our Kill-a-Keg promo.  You get a $10 gift certificate and a Moose Lake Brewing T-shirt if you are the lucky person ordering when a keg is emptied/killed!

Looking for a Great Christmas gift?

Buy a $20 gift certificate and get a free pint(up to $5 value.) So, buy a great christmas present for someone, and get the beer for yourself for doing it, genius!!

​​OR How about a winter "Membership" to our Golf Simulator?!?

The simulator can be rented for $20 per hour, whether it is 1-4 golfers it is still just $20 per hour total. We also will be selling "Memberships" that allow you to golf throughout the winter/early spring for $100, with only a few restrictions like 2 hour max per day and no Wednesday nights due the room being booked weekly already. Call 218-485-4585 to get more info on a "Membership" or stop in to the Brewery to check it out!

Monday-Thursday    Noon-9pm

Friday-Saturday        Noon-10pm


(OFF-SALE only)         Noon-4pm             












Standing right along side of Moosehead Lake, our taproom is easily accessible by car, bike, ATV, or walking. We have many beers on tap, including Blonde, IPA, EPA, Stout, which are our 4 flagship beers and a rotating stock which you can see a picture of below. Take home a Crowler 7 days a week!

Our Golf Simulator room is OPEN! Call us at 218-485-4585 to make a booking.  We will be reserving it by the hour during taproom hours.

Moose Lake

Brewing Company